Burning Man- a rite of passage

A monk in red ropes sitting completely still, meditating on an ancient dried up lake bed, his red ropes accentuated by the burning heat of the desert…this was an image that would fuel my longing to experience the Burning Man festival, so years later I took the opportunity to join some friends.
The journey to the Black Rock Desert desert like most things in life was all part of the adventure.
It started with a 14-hour plane trip to LA, a full day of costume sourcing, a road trip to Nevada and an exhaustive full day of shopping for supplies at Wal-Mart. This last mission was just as tough as survival in the desert.
Driving though the night we arrived at the festival site early hours of the morning, waited in line and finally passed out for a brief sleep in the car. Awoken by the heat we began to set up our camp while battling dust storms and a piercing sun, the hostile environment had come to welcome us.
Through my sleepy haze I began to glimpse the weird and wonderful of the created world enveloping me. Eager to discover more I asked my friend Pete what was out on the playa (the ancient lake bed). He grinned like a Cheshire cat and told me to take a ride out there. As the heat subsided and the light turned golden I rode out there. Completely enchanted, this is a taster of what I experienced over the next eight days….

Natalie Grono Photographer

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